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Inte Gloerich is a PhD researcher in the Department of Media and Culture Studies at Utrecht University and the Institute of Network Cultures at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. In her PhD project, she explores sociotechnical imaginaries around blockchain technology. More broadly, her work is concerned with emerging technologies and their relation to themes such as technological mysticism, the performativity of imaginaries, and the history and politics of knowledge production. She co-edited MoneyLab Reader 2: Overcoming the Hype (with Geert Lovink and Patricia de Vries, 2018) and State Machines: Reflections and Actions at the Edge of Digital Citizenship (with Yiannis Colakides and Marc Garrett, 2019) and organised several conferences addressing the crossroads between digital economy, technology, culture, and politics. She collaborated with the research and publishing platform Amateur Cities in conceptualising the Feminist Finance Zine (2020) and writing the Feminist Finance Syllabus (2020).

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